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Felicitation on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Doctor of Law, Professor, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of International Law V.I. Kisil

International Law Chronicle (September-November 2018)

Theory and Practice of International law

Volodymyr Pavlichenko

Non-self-governing territories-potential legal measures for the finalization of the process of decolonization

Valerii Kononenko

Problems of application of contractual norms in consideration of territorial disputes by the International Court of Justice

Oleksandr Brylyov

Arbitration case of the “Arctic Sunrise”: the Kingdom of the Netherlands against the Russian Federation

Sam Noshadha, Viktor Litvinenko, Mykola Anufriiev

Economic and Political Corruptions in Engineering of Developing States Management Systems

Maria Ponomarenko

The peculiarities of conducting public procurement procedures at the EU level and their influence to the definition of the procurement procedures in the Ukrainian legislature

Bogdan Veselovskyi

WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA 1994) and the green public procurements 

Documents and Commentaries

Global Refugee Agreement. The Final Draft

Petro Synavskyi

Formation and development of the asylum system in Ukraine and its compliance with international legal standards

Fabian v. Hungary (case № 78117/13).

Judgment of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (5 September 2017)

Alla Fedorova

Suspension of pension payments to working pensioners in the public sector. The commentary

Critics and bibliography

Selected bibliography on International law for 2018