About the UJIL

Interdependence and mutual interest of international legal doctrines and practices of all countries increase alongside with the development of the law of international community, which focuses on international civil society and its needs. The present Journal is based on this standpoint.

The Ukrainian Journal of International Law is the official edition of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization Ukrainian Association of International Law. The Journal was founded in 1992. The Ukrainian Journal of International Law is published quarterly; current issues of international legal theory and practice, as well as other relevant to Ukrainian and foreign law and law enforcement events may be covered in special issues of the Journal.

The purpose of the Journal is a deep scientific investigation and promotion of internationallegal aspects of the development of Ukraine, coverage of its history and current status as a member of the international community; analysis of the modern international law and the challenges which it faces; comprehensive study of domestic and foreign theories of international law; demonstration of modern trends in the development of international law.

The Journal deals with the current state of science and practice of international law in Ukraine, foreign policy of the state, all aspects of the domestic life pertaining to international relations and law, including current aspects of the state of the world community.

Consolidation of Ukrainian international lawyers, diplomats, economic experts and foreign international lawyers in order to make effective decisions in the process of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, solving urgent practical and scientific problems of Ukraine andthose of international community isone of the main goals of the Journal. The purpose of the edition is to highlight the achievements of Ukrainian scholars and practitioners for the international community as well as to present the international legal doctrine of Ukraine.

The publication focuses on highlighting all aspects of Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic integration, examining the challenges whichUkraine faces on its path to gaining EU and NATO membership, and proposing ways torespond to them.

The Ukrainian Journal of International Lawpublishes scientific articles and researches as well as covers current events in international legal life and their analysis. The Journal publishes up-to-date international legal documents (treaties, decisions of international governmental and non-governmental organizations, court judgements, etc.), or national legal act that are relevant to country's international legal activity or fulfillment of its international obligations. All documents are accompanied by expert comments. The publication covers the history of international law, in particular that of Ukraine, shows the role and contribution of major figures in international law, introduces the reader to the latest publications and news in the field of international law; a compulsory section of every fourth issue of the year is a bibliography of international law of the past year in Ukraine and abroad. Particular attention is paid to publications of previously unknown materials (manuscripts, documents, publications) in international law.

The Ukrainian Journal of International Law covers issues of public international law, private international law, European law and comparative law.

The Journal is bilingual (articles and materials are published in Ukrainian and / or English). All articles or comments on the materials are subject to mandatory blind” peer review [the reviewer receives anonymous text and is unaware of whothe author / authors is/are]. All submissions (articles, essays, comments, etc.) are published only if a positive opinion of blindpeer review is obtained. All publications in the Ukrainian Journal of International Law are free of charge for its authors.

The official publisher of the “Ukrainian Journal of International Law is the All-Ukrainian Public Organization Ukrainian Association of International Law.

The Ukrainian Journal of International Law is an edition for scholars and practitioners of international law; domestic and foreign lawyers, judges, prosecutors; well-known scholars and beginners in law; civil servants, employees of international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations; judges and arbitrators of Ukrainian and international courts and arbitrations; scientists and practitioners whose activities are related to international law.